Saturday, September 12, 2009

Surviving a Newborn

Today Mary is 1 week old. And sometime in the last week, Charlotte became 25 months old. The whole week is a little blurry in my head.

I just wanted to share a couple of things with you before signing off for a little while.

First, most of the posts over the last week were written 2 weeks ago. So I haven't been a blogging maniac.

Second, Mary has some oral motor issues that we are trying to resolve. In the mean time, she can't nurse so I am having to pump every 2 hours to maintain my supply until we get more guidance from the therapist. This means I also have to give Mary bottles of breastmilk. I thought I'd never have to use a pump again!

As for her oral motor issues, we have an appointment on Monday. Hopefully they will teach me some exercises for her that can strengthen her jaw, tongue, cheek, and other related muscles to make latching on possible.

Anyone who knows me well enough, or was around the blog when Charlotte was little, knows how important I think breastfeeding is. I am praying these issues are temporary because waking up every 2 hours to pump and also have to be awake to feed Mary is taking its toll on me. I am emotional and tired.

My mom is back at home and Bruce has to go to work, so I will be flying solo this week. So, that being said... I may not be posting much  in the next week or so. There are still lots of things I want to share about Mary and Charlotte too, so if I get a burst of energy I might write up a bunch of posts and spread them out a bit. Also, I'll try to post an update after our appointment on Monday.

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