Wednesday, September 09, 2009

My Mom's Scrapbook - Part 10

And now we get to my first semester of college. Glorious times. (If we all agree to ignore my adolescent complexion that is!) This first page to commemorate my time in college features a letter I wrote to the editor of our school paper. In it, I responded to an article by some guy named Snell who basically had a skewed, worldly view of what love is, and tried to say love was a physical thing (if I remember correctly).

In my letter, I shared what the Bible said about love in 1 Cor 13 and that true love could be found in a relationship with Jesus. I thought it was pretty cool that they published my letter, being a lowly freshman and all. Then, I eventually realized, the editors pretty much published any letter the got (which was not very many).

College is like being between a 'rock and a hard place.' Or so the cartoon strip at the top of this scrapbook page says. On our way down to Miami (yes, I am a UM graduate), we stopped at Cracker Barrel for a big breakfast. Cracker Barrel was a road trip tradition (though at 4 hours, that doesn't seem like much of a road trip these days).

For the curious, I majored in Religious Studies and Broadcasting. I thought I wanted to be a TV news director. Actually, I still think that would be a cool job. It is a high-energy, high-stress kind of thing, but the job didn't have to follow you home. When you finished the broadcast you were done until the next one. I did this on campus a lot until one week while getting ready for a show, I realized that there was a lot of back-stabbing going on amongst my peers so they could get better assignments. It was all at the expense of other people and I could not see myself building a career that way. So I just focused on graduating at that point, knowing that I would not end up in TV.

Overall, college was a good experience. The worst part is that I am still paying for it! Anyone got a spare $28k to send me to finish off my student loans (already down from $45k)???

Next week I'll share about my first extended, short-term (2 month) mission trip and its connection to my current church!

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