Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Living Room at 4:30 PM Today

Lest anyone ever think I am one of those moms who has it 'all together,' I thought I'd share some pictures of what my living room looked like when my husband walked in the door.

Now, he didn't take these pictures to make me feel bad, I asked him too, just to prove that I am not super mom (ha, as if anyone actually thought that!).


And yep, I was watching the Food Network while my daughter 'washed' her hands in the bathroom... leaving some kind of watery mess that my husband cleaned up before I ever got my butt off the couch! (In my defense, Mary was asleep in my arms though.)


  1. As I walked in the house, Charlotte was picking up a water bottle and immediately started squirting water on the carpet. I grabbed that and Charlotte ran into the bathroom to continue washing her hands. The water was already running in the sink because Charlotte didn't turn the water off the last time she was in there.

  2. Looks like my house some days, and I don't even have a baby to blame it on! Thanks for Bruce's explanation - my first thought was toilet water. Been there, done that!


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