Monday, September 07, 2009

Introducing Mary Mitchell

Here are a few pictures of our newly expanded family.

Yes, she was born in a tub... I'll finish writing up that story soon.

Charlotte is experiencing pure joy at the site and sound of her little sister. She can't go to the park or to take a nap without making sure she gives Mary a hug and a kiss. And Charlotte was adamant yesterday that Mary keep her hat on. I hope this sisterly love stays so nice.


  1. I saw your comment and had to hurry right on over and give you a HUGE congratulations!

    How wonderful! You really were laboring :)

    Hope you and your expanded family have a terrific weekend.

  2. Congratulations on the safe arrival of your little girl!!

    I enjoyed reading about the significance of her name.

    Our son also has the somewhat unusual name of a "famous" missionary...we didn't name him for the missionary but most Christians assume we did and if it wasn't for him we probably would not have thought of the also works out that his name is historically significant to my birthplace :)

  3. She is sooooo beautiful!!! I love those cheeks!

    From the pictures, it looks like she has eyebrows already, much more so then Charlotte did. Am I right?

    Charlotte sure does look absolutely delighted with her baby sister! How precious!
    What a beautiful family you Sabin's are!

    God is soooo very good! :)

  4. Oh I am so excited for all of you. She will be the most famous big sister ever! What a beautiful name...I knew you would choose the most perfect name for her and you did! Congratulations to everyone and praying you get some rest.

  5. Congratulations! Mary is just precious. I love Charlotte's delight and the proud smile on Bruce's face. What a sweet family.

  6. Highest congratulations!!!! I'm happy you have a new little Sabin for all to love and adore! (Alia says - "Awwww - that's nice!!"

  7. Congratulations Jennifer!! Motherhood suites you well!! And she is as beautifuk s her big sister!!

  8. Congrats! Welcome to the world Mary Mitchell!

  9. Congratulations Jennifer and Bruce. I can't wait to meet baby Mary. Take care! Lori

  10. Congratulations on beautiful Mary Mitchell! She looks healthy and strong and I love her sweet chubby cheeks. Way to go, Jennifer--you did it! I'm eager to hear how the water birth went.

    SO glad that everything went smoothly and Mary arrived safely. Congratulations on your sweet blessing from God!

    Rachel, for all the Winds

  11. What a very blessed G-Ma I am! The girls are beautiful and so precious. It has been nice being here and helping out...but I have to tell you I don't remember being this tired when I had you and your brother at this age!!!!

    Love & Hugs to my beautiful daugher, you are most definitely a wonderful mother to your two girls.


  12. Wonderful! Congratulations!!!! We were out of town for the holiday weekend and I am just now catching up. She is beautiful and her name is even MORE beautiful, though that hardly seems possible. What a beautiful family of four.

  13. Congrats! I can't wait to meet her in person. Do you guys need me to bring over a meal one night?


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