Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things to Do Around Lakeland This Summer

I've had a lot of people ask me what I planned to do with Charlotte this summer. And given our currently unemployed situation, I tried to find several items that were free or nearly free to entertain us. Of course, I am also trying to limit our trips out by doing more things at home.

In no particular order, are some of the ideas I've found for entertaining children in and around Lakeland this summer.

Explorations V Children's Museum - I have written about this place a gazillion times already, but at $5/day or for the cost of a relatively cheap annual memberships, this place pays for itself in no time flat. We especially enjoy the 10:30 programs each day. They are included with the cost of membership and engage all different styles of learners

Gym Etc - If you've been reading Family Musings for a while, you know Charlotte loves to jump and hang and fly around the local gymnastics studio. $4 for open gym on Wednesdays, 10-11 am

Cobb Theatre - What isn't to like about a free movie? Each Wednesday and Thursday at 10 am, there is a choice between a G and a PG movie. Enjoy the break from the oppressive FL heat and chill out while you watch a free movie.

Ice Skating - I admit, we won't actually be doing this one due to my pregnant condition, but if you aren't pregnant and have slightly older kids, this would be a fun diversion. Held at the Lakeland Center, $7

Free Bowling - We also don't bowl, but if you wanted to make a short drive, there are participating bowling allies within reach of Lakeland.

Kindermusik - Our experience with Kindermusik was nothing short of wonderful. There are several different shorter, summer sessions available at a lower cost than the longer Fall and Spring sessions.

Summer Reading Programs - Free to do if you use an existing home book collection or your local library!
If you know of any other free or low-cost activites in Lakeland this summer, leave a message in the comments and I'll add them to the list!

Area Parks - My friend Minda reminded me to tell you about the parks in Lakeland too, especially Barnett Park and the splash pad!  The easiest way I know to find the area parks (no matter where you live) is the Kaboom Playspace Finder. I blogged about it a while back so read the post about Kaboom and find a park near you.

Also, let me know if you do any of these things! I'd love to see your pictures or hear your stories.

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  1. My cousin lives in Lakeland with her boy who is around 9 or 10 now and they enjoy going on picnics at Florida Southern when school is out. They also enjoy going to Sun n' Fun Fly In Museum.


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