Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Recently, Charlotte has shown a real desire for symmetry in her world. "Two" is quite possibly her favorite word and she is occassionally VERY obsessed with having two of anything - 2 shoes, 2 forks, 2 fives (as in giving high fives), 2 plates, 2 balls,... I think you get the idea. She always seems to want something for each hand.

Other ways this plays out are in how she puts her shoes away, and my shoes, and her daddy's shoes. For example:
She spent quite a few minutes making sure she found the mate for each pair of shoes above and then carefully placed them in front of the door. It was funny to watch as she considered and then reconsidered how the shoes should be lined up. Sometimes, she will meticulously place her shoes on top of mine, though I'm not sure why. I guess I put my shoes where hers belonged?
Another way we've seen her enjoy an ordered life is with crayons. While we were on vacation last week (yep, we went out of town!), Charlotte and Daddy were playing with crayons. When they were done, she purposefully lined each of the crayons up (from a box of 24 mind you!) so all of the points were on the same side and pushed the crayons up along side each other so there were no spaces.
I don't know why she wants so much order and symmetry in her small world, but I think it is cute and a fun personality trait that I'll be keeping my eye on. I'll also be looking for ways to utilize it so we can keep my house neater! :)

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  1. And don't forget another word Charlotte uses a lot is "mess." Whenever something is disorderly, she will declare "mess." Sometimes she'll try to organize the mess; sometimes she'll ask her parents to clean up the mess--especially when the mess is on her from mealtime; occasionally, she'll purposely make the mess worse.

    I think we've figured out that in MBTI, Charlotte is a J and not a P.


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