Friday, June 19, 2009

Sombrero Beach - Charlotte's First Beach Trip

One of the reasons I was excited to take Charlotte to the Keys was so that we could visit a beach together for the first time. Then, I remembered that there aren't too many beaches down there due to the nature of the reefs and all. Fortunately, Marathon has a beautiful man-made beach that was absolutely perfect for this momma and her little Charlotte.

The water was exceptionally clear (which is why *I* liked it) and there were no other people on the section of beach we choose. Here are the photos of Charlotte's first trip to the beach.

Her first tentative steps into the ocean, holding on securely to Daddy's hands.

Getting in and giving Daddy a huge smile!

Totally comfortable hanging out on her own in water that was the perfect temperature.

Sitting down to look at all the tiny fish.

But here is one, not so tiny fish. Isn't the water perfectly clear too?!

I like this picture Bruce took more for the colors and way I am lit than for the actual representation of me in a bathing suit.

Bruce posing for the camera after retrieving beach toys that were floating away. Charlotte did ride on that tiny board for a while too while Daddy pulled her around. Until she fell off, then she wouldn't get back on it at all.

And what would a day at the beach be without shovels and buckets? She didn't mind getting sand all over her, or anyone else who happened to be nearby. :)

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  1. We LOVE that beach in Marathon. Due to it's structure, there are no waves, it's usually clear, and it is a very gradual slope, leaving lots of room for children to play safely. These are unusual characteristics for ocean side beaches around here. We have great pictures of some of the men in my family being "Baloo, the bear" scratching their backs on the palm trees.


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