Tuesday, June 02, 2009

27 Weeks So Far

In pregnancy news... today I am 27 weeks pregnant with our second daughter. I have only gained 3 pounds in the last month, but don't know what my overall gain has been. I had an appointment with my midwife this morning and had to take the Glucose Challenge Test (GCT).

The GCT is a 1-hour post-prandial blood test to see how my body processes sugars. In an unexpected twist, the birthing center does not require this be a fasting test. Instead, I was advised to eat a high protein dinner the night before and then given a specific menu for breakfast the day of the test - 2 eggs, 2 slices whole wheat toast, 2 pats of butter, unsweetened coffee or tea, and water.

After eating this breakfast, I was supposed to wait 45-60 minutes, then drink a sugar solution. I was given the orange flavor and in order to make the 10 ounces go down faster, I poured it on the rocks and stuck a straw in it. I was told to finish the drink in 5 minutes or less. This was tough, but I made it. Afterwards, I felt sick to my stomach, but that feeling passed within 15-20 more minutes.

Once I had the sugar drink in me, I woke Charlotte up and we headed to have my blood drawn. At exactly 1 hour after I finished the drink, they drew my blood. Now, we wait until Friday to find out if my body hates me and is producing too much insulin.

In good news, apart from the orange nastiness, Charlotte and I heard Babin's heartbeat and she is still going strong at about 150 bpm. Charlotte insisted on sitting on the exam table with me and behaved really well overall.

In even more good news, Bruce finally had a chance to feel Babin kicking around in my belly. He got to watch it move around for a few moments and then placed his hand firmly on my belly to feel the kicks. Babin is a very active child and it didn't take long before he got a big grin and said, "I think that was her."

And in unrelated pregnancy news, I figured out what might have been causing some of my awful heartburn (which is the worst symptom I seem to get when pregnant). It is my new Mama's Brew Tea. The ingredients of my loose leaf tea are red raspberry leaf, alfalfa, nettels, and peppermint. It is delicious even without sweetener and I could drink it all day. But, not I have to brew it less strong because peppermint can relax the esophogus, leading to heart burn.

So there you have it, lots of random pregnancy updates about Babin. I thought I had some pictures of my belly to share, but I can't find them. Hopefully I can get Bruce to take some this week for ya'll. Because apparently, my belly has swollen big time in the last few weeks!


  1. I didn't pass this glucose test (although mine involved the fast) and had to take the worse one where you fast again, drink the orange drink, then have blood taken every hour for 4 hours (a total of 5 hours awake, 6 mo. pregnant, and hungry on a sugar high). It was not pleasant! But at least I passed that one :) Hope you pass too!

  2. I had to do that nasty 4-hour test last time too and hope I won't have to repeat it. 2 of my numbers were borderline, so while I technically "passed," I am worried I won't pass this time since the chances increase with each pregnancy.

    I think they had me eat the protein meal because the 1-hour test always has a lot of false positives, like you had.

  3. Emma Jane was born at 27 weeks...don't know why I just shared that with you...I know you are not going to give birth at 27 weeks...just sharing I guess.

    I had to do that glucose test while pregnant with Elisabeth and it made me terribly sick...I couldn't even walk out of the doctor's office and I ended up having gestational diabetes. BUT it went away after my delivery.

    You will be fine!!!!


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