Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Mom's Scrapbook - Part I

So, I thought it might be interesting (or at least entertaining) to share with you the pages of a scrapbook my mom made for me when I was preparing to marry Bruce. At the time, she told me that the scrapbook was to be a reminder to me of who I was and where I came from... after looking at some of the pictures, I have to wonder, "was she trying to torture me?"

I'll share a page or two with you at a time over the next several weeks, with some stories to go along with the aforementioned photos. I hope you find it entertaining and want you to know, you'll be laughing with me. I've got a pretty good sense of humor about it all now. :)

Here is the first page of my scrapbook. This picture was taken of me in the 10th grade. In case you can't read the words on the heart it says, "A Mother holds her children's hands for a while... their hearts forever." Isn't that a sweet way to start? Let's all say "awwww...."

Then, to jump right into the meat of my life, we have a timeline in photos. What you don't see in the "2 weeks" photo is me holding a can of Winn-Dixie Baked Beans. Apparently, the photographer thought it would be a good idea to put something Winn-Dixie related in my lap since that is where my father had just started working. Good call Mom, leaving that picture out.

You can see though, by the time you get to 4 years old, I had an angelic smile! And then came high school! Does anyone like their high school pictures? Does anyone else regret their painful bang choices? At least though, I made it to graduation...

Stay tuned, next week I'll get to show you pictures of all my crazy relatives!


  1. I have always been told that I look the same as I did as a kid, now I can honestly tell someone else the same thing, you DO look the same...

  2. I love it!! You do look the same..

    The picture from my blog was taken by the bride's brother-in-law. It was just a random shot, but I LOVE it! By the way, where do you respond when someone comments on your blog (Oh, wise blogging friend of mine)?


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