Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Legacy of Missions

Ever since Bruce and I decided to start a family, it has been our desire to create a legacy of missions for our children. We are always looking for opportunities to share missions with Charlotte. She was named after a missionary after all! Any cash gifts she has received in birthday or Christmas cards have been put into a missions fund for her. We have prayer cards for missionaries on our refrigerator. We talk often about people we know who are missionaries. We even pray that she might be called to serve as a missionary someday.

Before that though, we have been praying for an opportunity to take her on a mission trip now, while she is still young. And for Bruce and I to go on one together (we've been separately). This Spring, God presented us with that chance. My heart is thrilled that we get to spend 10 days together as a family in Nicaragua. Nagarote to be exact.

Our time there will include running a Children's Festival with puppets, games, crafts, and face painting. As well as time spent ministering to children in the local orphanage and patients in the local hospital a local school and families in a remote village. (The itinerary changed last night, see blog sidebar for updates.)There will be a nightly revival meeting and a showing of the Jesus Film.

As with most short term missions, though I know we will be able to minister to some of the felt needs of the people of Nagarote, I am sure the greatest impact will be on those of us going. I am looking forward to coming back and tell you all about it.

In the mean time, please begin praying for our group. More details about the trip and specific prayer needs will be posted at our team blog, Mission: Nagarote. We also plan to post daily updates during our time in Nagarote. If you use a blog feed reader, please add Mission: Nagarote to your reader so you don't miss any of the news!

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