Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random Video Cuteness

The hardest thing for me to get up on my blog is video of Charlotte. The main reason is that when I put my SD card in the computer, I don't get a thumbnail of them. Therefore, I have to open each one and watch it before I know how to label it. That means it takes a while before you get to see them. Here is a random sampling of recent videos.

Charlotte does the Moon Walk
Charlotte riding the carousel

Charlotte singing her own song (stick around for the big finish)

The next two videos are probably only cool to watch for me, since I am the momma. But since the blog is about scrapbooking Charlotte's life, I am including them.

Charlotte walking up the stairs on her own

Charlotte climbing a ladder and coming down the slide (on her own)

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  1. I just love watching the videos and reliving the moments that we were there for! Keep them coming Momma because you know Grumpy and G-Ma will watch :)


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