Sunday, March 01, 2009

Alphabet School - "F"

We had such a busy F week. I've already shared how we went flying with friends and our lessons on how Florida gold (oranges) is made into juice.

Towards the begining of the week, I finally found our sidewalk chalk after a couple weeks of being lost. There are lots of fun F things to draw too - flowers, fish, frogs, fruit, and feet. I mostly draw the shapes and let her color them in as she sees fit. We also reprised our Big Letter, Little Letter game. Oh, and Charlotte asked me to trace her feet and then I traced mine and let her stand in them to see the size difference.

While browsing through Wal-Mart a week or so ago, I found these football window clings marked down to $0.48. Charlotte entertained herself for almost 30 minutes putting these up and pulling them off the window. Unfortunately, when she got bored with that, she started trying to eat them. I guess they looked a lot like Jell-O wiggles.

Oh, and of course we played with farm animals.  I found a pack of tiny horses that came with a fence, rocks, and some trees. I'd show you a picture, but they all come out kind of blurry since we were inside and the light was poor.

Speaking of fences, here is Charlotte peering through one at the children's museum. I know this might not be an obvious F activity, but when she comes upon items like this, I try to emphasize the F-ness of it (does that make sense?) so that she is at least hearing more of the letter and recognizing that objects have names that match up with written words.

Food was again part of our week, both what Charlotte ate and how she ate it. Since our little girl loves fruit, this was an easy week. However, since she already eats a lot of fruit (at least 1-2 servings with EVERY meal), I wanted to find a new way to serve it, so I gave her a frozen fruit bar. She thinks it is ice cream and has asked for it a few more times by signing ice cream after she finishes her dinner. She can almost eat an entire bar, and these things are huge. But, as you can see, she is more than willing to share!

The other food word we worked on this week was fork. Charlotte has been getting increasingly better at using one and always asks me to give her a fork when she is in her high chair. Even if she is eating crackers. That is messy!

I wanted to make some fork art with finger paint, but we just didn't get to it with all of the other fun things that happened this week.

Fingerpainting was fun too. She painted both flowers and a fish bowl. This picture of her painting the flowers looks so fun to me... you can see that she is really excited about spreading that paint around with her fingers. Even onto her chest and face!

After she painted the fish bowl, I had some small fish stickers I let her put "in" the bowl. In the beginning of this project I helped her pull the stickers off the sheet, but quickly realized that since they were 3-D stickers, she didn't need my help and did it almost entirely on her own.

I also used some pipe cleaners to make fish that we could catch in a net made of produce bags. This didn't seem to be as much fun for her as I thought it would be though.

Our little girl really isn't too fazed by boo-boos. But she loves to say "ouch." It is one of the words she says with her mouth and her hands, a lot. We often have to call her out as a faker. And she was faking in this picture too when I gave her a fly band-aid. Her friend Asher had a real boo-boo and he got a band-aid, so of course, she wanted one too. Imitation is something she has become very good at. If you can do it, she at least wants to give it a try.

And how could we forget the fire truck and fire hose. I think Charlotte could climb all over the model fire truck all day long if I let her. They even added some video inside the truck cab of real firemen responding to a house fire. That kept her attention for quite a while.  And this fire hose was super fun to stretch out so she could bang the nozzle on whatever objects or people seemed to be nearby. Good thing there wasn't any real water in that hose! We'd have all been soaked.

Our last crafty activity for the week was to make a peacock with finger feathers. It was a little harder to execute than I hoped because Charlotte kept wanting to stick her paint-covered fingers into different colors and mix them all up. But, I think it turned out reasonably well once I started to move her hands for her. I do try to remember though that it is about the process, not the product.

I've got one more F event to share with you, but you'll have to wait a day or two for me to sort through the pictures. And besides, it is kind of a stretch on the F theme, but was still fun!
I did some Google searches and used some of Jane's ideas. These were the websites that helped us this week. First School Apples 4 the Teacher Everything Preschool Enchanted Learning

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  1. She does love to mimick what we are doing! It never fails to remind me how important it is to be a good role model as I don't know what she will pick up or not these alligator, flutes, and of course...tickle, tickle, tickle :)

    I sure love that little girl!!!!


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