Friday, March 20, 2009

Name Baby #2 Contest

Everyone who is anyone already knows that we are expecting a new bundle of joy in our family this August. What you might not have realized though, is we have not decided on what to call this little bambino. For a while now, we have just called him or her "baby number two."

And folks, that is boring. And we are not boring people.

So, what should we call this little bun in the over, our budding gymnast? I don't want anything obvious, like, you know, Baby Sabin. We've been there, done that. Bun and Bean, could never be as cute as Breadstick (which is already taken by my sister-in-law who is due in October!). And well, we did refer to Charlotte as the Belly Monster already.

To come up with a good name for the munchkin in my belly, I am having a contest. There will be no prizes, other than just knowing you made my family happy. I'll take suggestions until we find one that seems just right. Bruce and I are the final judge.

Naming Rules:
  1. Nothing boring.
  2. Aim for something a toddler can pronouce.
  3. Should be gender neutral.
  4. Able to be spoken with a straight face.
Tell us, what should we call Baby Sabin #2?


  1. Okay - this may or may not fall into the boring category - but I think it is cute...
    In china the word for 'he'/'she' is ta. It doesn't matter if you are taking about a guy or a girl, you still say ta. When you write it, the character is different, but spoken is the same.
    So, with Elizabeth, before we knew she was a she, we called her Baby Ta.

  2. What about calling the baby Sweet Potato? I think it is a cute name.

  3. Okay, well let's see...
    Belly Bean

    These 3 are off the top of my head.
    Wait til my meds kick in, I'll come up with something good.

  4. I called mine "the chick"...or hubby would say "how is the chicklet this morning?"...get it...(when's the chick gonna hatch)...kinda corny but I still call both my girls chick/chicky/chickdoodle, depending on which I am speaking to...good luck!

  5. How about Mitotic Maniac. I don't think a toddler can pronounce it, though.


  6. Hey Jennifer,
    Congrats again. I really Love these names
    Boy- Barrett Julieus
    Girl- Bailey Jolie or Nevaeh Marie
    Nevaeh is Heaven spelled backwards really beautiful names I think. Good Luck picking.. Hope I win
    Thanks DeAnn

  7. Tigger? Esme has no problem pronouncing that. And if it's bouncy at all...

  8. Since she was the Belly Monster, how about the Belly Bean? Or is that totally lame. My excuse - still a tad sick.

  9. I love belly bean :). Such a cute suggestion! :)


    These sound cute now, but it's 3:30 am, so I'm probably a bit delusional...

    Heather Grenier

  10. ok I have a couple that you can play with but some are very cute since michelle took breadstick :)

    1. Hug Bug
    2. Biscuit
    3. Baby Noodle
    4. Gummy Bear
    5. Jelly Bean
    6. Little Bit
    7. Button
    8. Belly Bean
    9. Sea Monkey
    10. Love Bug ("The Little Love Bug")
    11. Baby Bubbles
    12. Twinkle Bun
    13. Tadpole
    14. Bumpkin <-- My Fav LOL

    maybe you can play with some and come up with a good one if you don't like them :) good luck! and congrats on baby # 2 :)

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  11. Pickle.
    Berry-bug. Or belly-bug. Or blueberry.
    Beanie baby.


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