Thursday, March 05, 2009

Florida Strawberry Festival

The final post from our F week is to document our trip to the Florida Strawberry Festival. It is a little bit of a stretch on the F theme, but heck, it's my blog and I can say it fits if I want too. :)

We did get to take the grandparents with us. But I am really just showing this picture to point out her gingham blue dress and the pink cowboy boots! (Thanks Kelly M! She L-O-V-E-S them!)

The Berry Merry Go-round was the only ride we went on due to the crazy ticket prices. But Charlotte did get to go twice. She cried when she had to get off, both times.

We did eat a lot of straweberries, but were so enjoying them all of us forgot to get out our cameras. Instead, I leave you with the most decent photo of Charlotte getting excited about the cows.

Oh, and a funny cow story... as we drove home from church last Sunday, Charlotte started mooing in the back seat. I couldn't figure out why she was making cow noises so I asked her where the cows were. She pointed out the right window to a field with cows, way off in the distance, quietly chewing their grass. She has good eyes!


  1. That is funny!

    And I'm so jealous of your trip, we were sitting down this morning reliving our Florida trip from last year by looking at the pictures. Warm!

  2. Mom and I had a great time last weekend. Sharing the festival with Charlotte was a treat, especially for the old guy on the merrygoround!
    Love ya, Grumpy

  3. It looks lovely and warm there! What fun - Esme has been scared of cows when she sees them up close and personal, but she loves mooing, too...


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