Monday, March 23, 2009

Daytona Bike Week Was When???

Charlotte loves motorcycles. In part I am sure, because her daddy rides one. And also because, well, they are awesome!

So, we took her to Daytona Bike Week. Yeah, it was like 2 whole weeks ago and I am finally getting around to looking at my pictures. Here are my favorites.

I think her eyes are saying, "Momma, may I have one when I am 16?"

And what would a biker babe be without a tattoo? Charlotte stood incredibly still for this and showed her cross tattoo to everyone who would look.
And then we topped the day off with some ice cream!

I would have more pictures for you, but due to some scheduling miscommunications, it was mostly Charlotte and I all morning. Daddy didn't show up for about 2 hours!


  1. look at how incredibly blue her eyes are in the ice cream photo! love 'em!


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