Monday, March 16, 2009

Alphabet School - "G"

We spread our G activities out over 2 weeks since I was on a computer fast. Unfortunately, the fast meant I couldn't upload and edit my pictures every day so, this post might be a little scattered.

Our G week of Alphabet School started with a little Goodwill.  I had gathered up several items from the house that we no longer needed and we dropped them off in the back. Then, we went inside to look for some goodies of our own.

The first crafty-artsy thing we did, other than coloring G-themed worksheets, was play with some new glitter pens . It started out kind of fun and cool until Charlotte realized she could squeeze them and make LOTS of glitter come out in a large blob, on her arm. She wasn't happy when I took her glitter pens away.

Oh, we also did some glass painting with green paint. And this picture demonstrates why we always do these sorts of activities in the high chair!

And we couldn't forget to show off our groovy grocery gown! We colored it with some new pencils and they didn't go over so well because the colors were kind of light. Charlotte really had to press down to get a lot of color. Oh, and I cut the head hole too large. But she still had fun modeling it for Daddy when he came home.

We had fun making gingerbread cookies too! I've let Charlotte "help" in the kitchen before, but this was the first time that I gave Charlotte her own task to complete. She was responsible for rolling the cookie balls in cinnamon and sugar. For the most part, she was pretty good at it and I only had to cover up a few spots.

Then, what fun is it to make cookies if you don't get to taste them? Here is a happy Charlotte holding what is left of her first ever gingerbread cookie. (Ok, I am really only showing this picture because it shows me with straight hair, an extremely rare occurrence.) Make sure to notice our cute matching aprons too.

I also continued Charlotte's training in the fine art of good housekeeping. Some might argue that I have a lot to learn in this art myself, and they are most certainly right, but I know how to get the basics done. And now, so does Charlotte.

She can sweep...

And she can mop... not bad for an 18-month old.

Another fun activity we did was to plant an instant garden. I found a bag of flowers without stems on sale for $1 at Wal-Mart and we used these to dress up the back yard. We also sorted the flowers by color and size, just to have more fun with them. I am sure there is a lot more we can do with these and would love to hear your ideas.

I didn't get pictures of her coloring the worksheets and really wish I had made time to make this cool Box Guitar.And since we eat grapes and graham crackers all the time, I didn't really think I needed pictures of those either. But having a little extra time allowed us to do more new things together.

Stay tuned to see what we come up with for H week!

I did some Google searches and used some of Jane's ideas. These were the websites that helped us this week. First School Apples 4 the Teacher Everything Preschool


  1. High chairs are great places for messy crafts & toddlers! Reminds me of my girl when she was that age. I have many messy photos of her in the high chair :)

  2. I love the instant garden! Cute aprons, too, by the way. Glad you're getting the housekeeping lessons going! My problem with mopping is getting Esme to stay on the floor with her rag - she wants to wash the fridge and cupboards, too!

    And that green face is gorgeous!


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