Saturday, May 10, 2008

Picture Pages...

"Picture pages, time to get your crayons and your pencils."

Does anyone else remember that song from Bill Cosby's* show in the 80's? I used to LOVE it. And for some reason when I was trying to think of a title of this page full of pictures I have for you, it came to mind. You can keep your crayons and pencils in the drawer though. I don't recommend trying to color these pictures (you might ruin your monitor).

blister 008

Our poor Charlotte has her first crawling injury. Apparently, she crawled so much at daycare that she gave herself a blister on her big toe.

On the bright side, she no longer crawls knee-toe. Instead it is knee-foot. Tonight it looked kind of yucky so we put some neosporin-type stuff on it and covered it with a Ban d-Aid before bed. I am sure it will heal up just fine.Saturday 002

She loves bath time! Normally bath time is done with Momma, but Daddy came in the other night and had a little fun with her hair... so of course, we had to take a picture for you!

Saturday 006


To celebrate Mother's Day, we met my family for breakfast at Golden Corral. Might not sound too fancy to some, but we all enjoy it. Charlotte had fun playing with her puffs and smearing banana all over the table. We had fun too hanging out with my family. They really are super-cool!

*Okay, I just looked up more about the show, and learned it originally aired as part of Captain Kangaroo until Nickelodeon picked it up, which is where I watched it.


  1. OK, you've been begging for comments so...
    Charlotte is getting soooo BIG! Remember when we met in Altamonte and Andy was eating puffs and mashing food everywhere. Time sure passes fast! I'd love to meet for a playdate this summer.

  2. Thanks! I am sure her future as a model is secure!

  3. I do remember that show. Charlotte is absolutely precious!!!

  4. Thanks Toni... oh, and you will not ever find a super-mom here... I keep it real!


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