Thursday, May 08, 2008

9-month Checkup

Charlotte is now 9-months old! I can't believe how fast time has flown past us. Just today I was looking at a 3-month old at daycare and trying to remember Charlotte at that age. Here's a photo to remind you:
Her head looks so funny in this one doesn't it? And I just went looking for a recent picture of her in the Bumbo, but can't find any. I'll take one tomorrow if I think about it.

We also had her 9-month well baby visit today. There are no shots for her to get now which is good because I have decided to put her on a modified vaccination schedule and still need to figure out my plan for that. My biggest fear for these appointments is that the doctor will complain about how small Charlotte is.

But he never does. Today Charlotte weighed in at 15 lb 6 oz. Her length is 25 inches and her head circumference is 43 cm. (Don't ask why they use 2 different units of measure, I don't know!)

Since the doctor didn't even mention her height or weight I was curious to see where she was according to the charts and this is what I found (click on it to see a larger image):

The red dots represent where Charlotte is. Now, I don't think this chart accounts for the fact that Charlotte is still primarily breastfed so I am sort of dismissing it. You will note she doesn't even fall anywhere on the length chart. My family is short... that's genetic and no amount of breast milk can change that!

So, I went to my trusty site and found this chart, which IS designed for breastfed babies:

Look at the right chart (for girls) and you will see she is 5th percentile for weight.

Charlotte has accomplished all of the milestones on the info sheet our pediatrician gave us.

She can
  • sit up indefinitely without support (hence the lack of Bumbo pictures),
  • pull to a standing position (the reason we are selling our tables),
  • crawl,
  • grasp objects with her thumb and forefinger (makes eating a lot easier),
  • poke at things with her forefinger (including mommy's eyes and teeth),
  • make repetitive consonant noises (no words yet though),
  • respond to her name, and
  • play games.
Overall, Charlotte is a wonderfully happy baby. We have some sleep issues to work out, but I know they will come in time. We love her more than words can express and can't wait until we get more time to spend with you over the summer!


  1. She is so cute! And I think that those charts are interesting but everybody grows at their own pace. She is very sweet! I hope to have a baby one day and I'm sure I too will be using those charts!

  2. Glad to know that Miss Charlotte is blessed enough to be itty bitty AND right on track in the development department! We are a very blessed family I believe :)



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