Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Glamorous Girl

I read a lot of wonderful blogs. I even keep a list on the right side of this blog in case anyone ever gets bored and wants to know more about what I like to read. Really, you should check some of them out some day. It will be a worthwhile endeavor.

Sometimes, the blogs I read have giveaways. I love these. I don't necessarily enter all of them, but when it comes to cute, girly things for Charlotte, I do what I can to get an entry. Ellinghouse's giveaway for a set of Glamour Girl clips from this Etsy shop was no exception. In fact, I was so enamored by these adorable clips, that I bought some before the giveaway was even over! Including this one on the right with the precious emerald green jewel in the middle and the butterfly on the left. The wire detail and the stitching in the wings are so delicate and precious.

Then... I found out that I won! Woo hoo! I don't win things very often, so this was exciting. Charlotte's new clips arrived in the mail yesterday and I'll try to remember to take a photo to show you later.

I will say, one thing I like about these clips is that I think... in moments of whimsy, a momma could wear these for fun. Especially these cute black and white ones with the party buttons in the middle. She also makes hair pins that are more suited for older children and adults. As a matter of fact, I almost bought this set for myself. Aren't they gorgeous?! I love the color combination and the touch of class that the beads and jewels provide.

The clips that I bought have proven themselves to be fairly baby-proof too. Charlotte has gotten one or two out of her hair for a taste-testing and they don't seem to be any worse for the wear. While I try to catch it when things go in her mouth, I don't worry too much because the designer writes, "Only non-toxic glues are used in making the clips and hair pins."


  1. Oh those are DARLING.

    I wear the girls' hair accessories in my hair perhaps a little TOO much. ;)

  2. I liked these as well and just finished ordering her a few more. The dragonfly, the ladybug and the "love ya". Needed these to go with her new summer clothes that I will bring down this weekend :)


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