Thursday, May 08, 2008

Gross Thursday 13

Umm, this week's Thursday Thirteen theme is 'gross.' Since I don't feel like doing a post about gross baby stuff (you know, poop and vomit), I will share with you 13 gift-of-the-month items. (Because, you know, there are 12 months... yeah, the connection to 'gross' is lame, but it's the best I can do with the theme)
  1. Fruit of the Month - Probably the most common club. It might give someone you love a chance to try a new or exotic fruit they would not have otherwise purchased.
  2. Cheese of the Month - Since cheese goes good with everything this club would be great. Just don't send it to your Aunt Goosey who is lactose-intolerant.
  3. Chocolate of the Month - Show me someone who wouldn't like this and I'll show you a crazy person!
  4. Coffee of the Month - Great idea for someone who likes to mix it up and is a real coffee connoisseur. (Not me, but maybe my dad)
  5. Flower of the Month - Brighten some one's home year-round with a fresh bouquet of flowers.
  6. Perfume of the Month - If they don't want to look at flowers, maybe they could smell like one?
  7. Tie of the Month - I don't know. This is probably the most bizarre club in my opinion.
  8. Candle of the Month - Seems awfully expensive. Just ship them a Yankee Candle gift card. Better yet, send me the gift card and I'll, um, be sure, to um, pass it along. Yeah.
  9. Teddy Bear of the Month - Perfect choice for someone who can't get enough snuggly-love.
  10. Movie of the Month - Not a bad idea at all. Of course, sending someone 12 movie tickets might be easier. Then they would get to pick the movies they want to see.
  11. Steak of the Month - You can send this one to me, so long as someone agrees to cook it up like P-dub!
  12. Cookie of the Month - If you are going to share this one with our family, give me plenty of notice. I will need to cut the gas budget to buy more milk. Everyone knows you need milk to go with your cookies.
  13. Pizza of the Month - because everyone needs to try a Shrimp Teriyaki pizza at least once in their life!

Check out other gross lists at Thursday Thirteen. By the way, this is my 8th edition of T13.


  1. I know I would love the cheese of the month club. I think I would like the chocolate one except on the months they send dark chocolate. Pizza of the month would be good. Do you notice my theme here?

    Great list!

  2. I love the idea of monthly gifts. I agree with of the month sounds good.

    I LOVE your pink motorcycle! I have a pink scooter and dream of the day that I can buy a motorcyle and I would LOVE FOR IT TO BE PINK. You are my hero.

  3. I've heard of taco pizza. Glad to know there's also a Japanese Teriyaki pizza out there, too!


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