Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Comment Love

"Can you imagine wanting to share a story, a thought or a belief with forty people and preparing what you had to say, choosing the right words and nervously approaching them and then saying what you had to say, you say it just as you planned and you wait for the response and the person you are talking to listens to you, looks at you and just walks away. Without a smile, a frown - no reaction. They just walk away."

When I read this I Should Be Folding Laundry, I knew it was something I wanted to share with my readers. It describes how I feel some days when I pour my ideas into a post and then find nothing coming back to me. It is hard to have a conversation if I am the only one talking.

There are some of you who comment regularly (thanks Mom!) and others who I know visit, but never say a word. I don't want anyone to be guilting into commenting (unless that works, then by all means, feel guilty:) ), but I do appreciate feedback on my various musings. Heck, if you know me in real life, it should be easier to talk to me here because I can't interrupt you! (I'm working on that by the way.)

I have decided that I am going to be a better commenter myself. First, I will try to reply to every comment left (either via e-mail or in a follow-up comment or post). Second, I will try to take one day each week to comment on all of the other blogs that I read. That way I can spread the comment love around myself!

If you have the time, I recommend you head over to I Should be Folding Laundry to read her post, as well as Fried Okra's blog reaction to it.


  1. Well, you've read my thoughts on the topic. Totally agree with you!

  2. OK. I am sitting on my computer, 10 feet away from Jennifer, who is on her computer. We were having a conversation about blogs when she chastised me for not commenting yet on her most recent post. So, now I am typing this comment.

    She's talking to me about Steve's blog and the great pictures. She just finished talking about the Pioneer Woman's pictures.

  3. I know how you feel. I know I have some faithful readers and some do post - but others don't and I just kind of wonder why. I think one reason is they don't know how. I know that is the case for one reader of mine b/c she asked me how to do it and I gave her instructions (a family member).

    It's kind of ironic - the blogs where they get comments of 50 or more - people continue to comment even though you figure there is no way the blogger (or any reader) is gonna read ALL those comments and yet more and more people comment.

  4. I usually don't comment if there have already been several and they all wrote what I would have wrote anyway. I barely have time to read the blogs in my reader, let alone read 50+ comments! I guess being a rock star blogger is not in my future. :)

  5. I hope you don't take it personal when I don't always leave comments. I hardly have the time to read in general with all my other responsibilities. I only read maybe 4 blogs out there in blog land but not everyday. I just don't have the time and I can't let the internet take me away from spending time with the kids and the hubby. BUT YOU KNOW I LOVE YA!!


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