Saturday, May 03, 2008

Tea Time for Mothers and Others

Charlotte and I attended our first tea together today. It was hosted by the Women's Ministry at First Baptist Church tea1of Frostproof (our church). It was a good chance for her to wear her beautiful blue Easter dress again and for the nice ladies to get a chance to coo over and hold her.

This tea is almost a yearly tradition at our church. It was a lovely affair and very well done. Each table was decorated by a different woman using china and flat ware that she brought from home. Our table was decorated by Cheryl in beautiful blue transfer ware with a touch of yellow.tea4

My friend Carolyn was able to join us, along with her grandmother Anita. Anita was one of the 4 lucky ladies who won one of the door prizes. It was a sweet teapot with matching cup and saucer. I didn't get a picture of it, but it had tiny pink rosebuds all over it and was trimmed with gold on the edges. I am glad one of my guests as able to take something extra special home.

Lori Beckler was the guest speaker. She, along with her husband, founded Heritage Keepers. Their goal is to encourage women to live a life of legacy, passing on the joy of the Lord to the next generation.

Before and after Lori's talk, I had a chance to spend time with both younger and older women. As I mentioned Carolyn was there and had a good time hanging out with Charlotte and giving her puffs and keys to play with.


And I would have been in super-big trouble had I not allowed Charlotte to get some lap time with Cheryl.


We enjoyed a yummy lunch of chicken salad on croissants, fruit salad, and a macaroni salad, generously donated by a woman who left our church to join our mission church. After our lunch, Charlotte decided it was time for her lunch and since folding chairs aren't the most convenient for nursing...


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  1. I am so sorry I was not able to come down for the Tea. Let's start a new tradition next year and the 3 of us will go together!

    I know we will spend Mothers Day together as I would not want to miss my daughter's very first Mothers Day :) Wonder what Charlotte is doing for her mommy?!



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