Sunday, October 07, 2007

Attempts at Elegance

Per my first post on my new blog, I made a honest-to-goodness attempt at elegance today. First, I wore a new dress that was bought for my back-to-work future. I like this because it flatters my figure (i.e. hides my remaining baby belly) and still modern looking. I fancied it up with some vintage-feel jewelry as well.

Second, I made a home-cooked meal without a recipe. It looked very elegant compared to my usual meals, as you can see below. The menu consisted of Cinamon Braised Butterfly Porkchops with Pear Sauce, Herb and Butter Rice, and Italian Beans. I have to admit though, it looked a little more elegant than it tasted. I underestimated the amount of seasoning needed for the braising liquid so the taste was a little flat, and the chops didn't braise long enough to get as tender as I would have liked. It also needed some orange or red on the plate.

So, what have you done recently to obtain elegance?

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