Thursday, October 11, 2007

Waning Creativity

My verbal wit is waning these days... I don't seem to have as much to share about my dear, sweet Charlotte or anything else for that matter. I have started and stopped more posts this month than we've had days. Nothing just seems to come out as eloquent in words as it sounds in my mind. So, to substitute for my own writing, I've been reading the blogs of other Christian moms to inspire me. I have been inspired to do some things around the house and today made beautiful mini-loaves and muffins of Chocolate Chip-Banana Friendship Bread. I have 6 starters also. Anyone want one?

I also had my blog rated and came out with this:


I earned this rating because I've used the word 'breast' 3 x and the word 'hurt' 1x. Hmmm... just goes to show that breastfeeding doesn't get the respect it deserves and that this software doesn't take context into account.

Okay, I can also add this picture of the 3 living generations of women in my family (because to do 4 generations and include the unliving would be creepy, even if Halloween is fast approaching).

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