Thursday, October 11, 2007

Belly Monster Returns

After my post earlier today I assumed it would be a few more days before I had anything to write about. Well, my cranky little baby decided she wanted more attention in the blogworld, so here it is!

She rolled herself over from her tummy to her back today! I hadn't expected her to do anything like this so soon. Most of what I read said babies develop this skill between 4-6 months. Now, this really isn't a skill yet since she only did it once. But she did it! I was so excited I cried big, ol' alligator tears all while laughing excitedly. She was one confused looking baby. :)

One reason for the tears that I haven't blogged about yet is my return to work on Thursday, October 25. As it turns out, my short term disability only covered the usual 6 weeks. I feel blessed that I don't have any medical reasons to need to stay out of work longer, but still wish I could afford to stay home with Charlotte until January. When she rolled over it just reminded me that I will miss lots of events like this in the next several months.

Bruce and I talked about it and we hope that when she does new things like this at daycare they won't tell us. I'd trade blissful ignorance about her new skills there for the chance to see her do them at home and believe they were first accomplished in our presence. I'll need to remember to discuss that with them when I drop off her paperwork.

Charlotte also received her 2-month vaccinations this week. That left her pretty fussy these last couple of days. We are done with shots now though for another 2 months.

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