Monday, June 11, 2007

T-Minus 9 and counting...

We are into the single digits here people! There are ~9 weeks left in my pregnancy. That is the same as one -quarter of a school year. Bruce told me saying it that way made it seem further away. But that was because we had very different teaching experiences last year. I think each 9-week period went by super fast. I have mixed feelings about this coming 9-weeks. I want it to go quickly when I am feeling uncomfortable, but I also really enjoy feeling the baby move around inside of me. Except when I can't fall asleep at night that is. :-)

There isn't too much to report about changes in Baby Sabin, just continued growth. Here is what says: Your baby weighs just over 3 pounds and is a bit more than 16 inches long. She's probably moving more than ever before, too, so you may even have trouble sleeping because your baby's kicks and rolls keep you up at night. If you're having this problem, comfort yourself with the knowledge that your baby is active and healthy.

I do have another picture of me to share with you. I am definitely looking more pregnant. Now, if I could just figure out how to get some of the ladies at church to stop commenting that I don't look "pregnant enough" I'll be just fine!

31 Weeks Pregnant


  1. I like to think of it in terms of Mondays. 'Approximately 9 Mondays until I meet my baby'... doesn't that make it sound closer?!

  2. Not looking pregnant enough is a good thing! That means you have less to take off after the baby gets here!

  3. Ohh... I like that! I'm guessing you won't mind if I steal it. :-) How many Mondays are left for you?

  4. If you're half as great a mom as you were a boss, you'll be awesome!! Congrats again and can't wait until we get the call that Baby Sabin is finally here..!!

    I love little boys but I'm putting my money on a girl!!

  5. You look great! I am so excited for you and Bruce. I'm sure the anticipation will make the next 9 weeks fly by. :)


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