Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Legs Hurt

Today was a big day for the Sabin family. We took Baby Sabin to his or her first theme park - Universal Studios. What a day it was! I am beat and my legs are killing me. We arrived just before they opened at 9 am and stayed until 4:30 or so. Following our tried and true theme park advice, we went straight to the back of the park and started with MIB. Things were so slow back there, we were able to ride 2 times in a row and achieved Galaxy Defender status both times. Frostproof Aliens better watch out!

Our Galaxy Defender status aside... I want to talk a moment though about how much my legs hurt. The pain reminds me of how my feet and legs hurt before I lost a significant amount of weight last year. For those who don't know, or remember, in January 2006 I weighed about 211 pounds. A day of walking around nearly killed me. I'd have to take an anti-inflammatory and soak my feet just to make it through the next day. When I started losing weight through Weight Watchers that started to change, until I lost almost 60 pounds. Now, due to my pregnancy, I have gained quite a bit of that weight back. I don't feel bad about the weight gain because I know most of it is necessary. However, I am blogging about the pain I feel tonight to remind me to get back on track with losing weight once Baby Sabin arrives. I don't want to forget how I feel so I can use it as motivation to have a healthy weight loss after I am done being pregnant.

I guess you could say this blog is more for me than for you. But I needed to journal how I feel today so I can look back in a few months and find motivation if necessary. For your trouble in reading this, I give you 2 pictures from our day at Universal Studios!

Here I am posing with a classic car on the Universal Studios "Movie Lot." I think my round belly is a nice compliment to the round curves of this car.
Sexy car + Sexy Lady = Hot Photo Op

Bruce couldn't resist saving all of the park guests from the killer jaws of this shark in Amity. Park guests were so fortunate to have him around today!

Scary Shark + Goofy Guy = Funny Photo Op

By the way, thanks to the FL DOE for securing free tickets for us to visit the Studios. Being a teacher may not pay as much as working for Allstate... but at least I got to visit Universal Studios for free!


  1. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. It is always great pleasure to read your posts.

  2. ohhhh I wish I knew you were at Universal! I work out there on Thursdays and I would've come and said hi!!

  3. You Know Whats Awesome,Just A Week Ago I Was At Universal And I Got My Same Picture Taken!


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