Saturday, June 30, 2007

Showers in the Forecast

Today I was blessed to have a second baby shower. This one was thrown by the ladies at my church. It was a lot of fun and I was definitely showered with lots of gifts for Baby Sabin! In typical baby shower fashing, we received lots of great advice too. Because I've not posted a blog in over a week, I'll give you lots of good ideas and laughs by posting all of the advice I received. I promise to come back later and give you some more updates and details about Baby Sabin!

  • Talk to your baby about Jesus. - Dixie G.
  • Always take some time for yourself. - Becky B.
  • Talk to your child about everything, even if it is uncomfortable. - Cindy W.
  • While it's too late to say run, so pray! Don't be afraid to ask others for advice and help. - Tina S.
  • Get lots of rest, schedules are a must, and crying is okay. - Anonymous
  • Be always loving, always consistent, always a good example. - Linda S.
  • Be consistent with discipline. - Kori R.
  • Rely on friends for help! - Angela T.
  • A baby can never get too much love. - Sandra D.
  • Savor every moment; every minute will fly by quickly. Enjoy every snuggle and sweet baby kiss. - Debbie W.
  • Always hold the baby when you are feeding. - Anonymous
  • Trust in the Lord. Pray daily for guidance and direction in raising your special gift from God. - Linda H.
  • Doctors recommend to lay your baby on its back to sleep. - Meredith H.
  • Don't panic. Babies are very sturdy and learn how to get to you. - Betty B.
  • Sleep when your baby sleeps. - Sheila L.
  • Read a book every night. - Keri P.
  • Momma is always right. - Mom
  • Parents never argue in front of or where your children can hear, no matter how old they are. - Kathy S.
  • Enjoy your baby before it flys by like crazy. - Anonymous
  • Good luck! - Julie B.

Finally, 2 photos to apologize for the long silence.

What a neat decorating idea!

It's a good thing there wasn't a real baby in this carrier. :-)I'll figure this thing out eventually!

(No stuffed animals were harmed in the staging of this photo.)

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