Friday, April 13, 2007

How We Told

First, we went out for a meal with each of Bruce's parents.

His dad and Marilyn met us at Cracker Barrel for a hearty, Saturday morning breakfast. I think I ordered the french toast and ate every last bite of it since it was delicious (don't ask why that is relevant, I don't know, it is just something I remember). We gave them their Christmas presents, holding back none but one. When Bruce Sr. opened it, it took him a second to figure out what it meant. But once he did, you could definitely see the excitement on his face. Marilyn said she suspected that we were going to make an announcement, but I don't know how... we always meet them for a meal around the holidays.

We also had a dinner with his Mom and Bud, but this time at Mimi's Cafe. I happen to remember that I had the chicken-salad sandwich on cinamon raisin bread (another winner). We repeated the process and it took Cindy a moment as well. She says it felt like forever until she got the message, but it really was only a few seconds. She definitely appeared eager to take on the role of Grandma, or Nana, as she has decided to be called.

My parents had a slightly difference experience. It just so happened that last December they celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. As a way to mark the occassion, they decided a family vacation was in order. They took Bruce and I, along with Nick and his fiance' Michelle, on a 7-day cruise! We were on-board on Christmas Day and I knew exactly how to give them the big news. On Christmas Day, my mom and I had the cabin all set up for opening gifts, including a tree we had packed in our luggage. After the joy of gift-giving seemed to be over, I announced that we had one more gift. This isn't uncommon as Bruce and I usually find something to give everyone at Christmas.

I passed out the boxes under strict order that you had to start opening the gift as soon as you received it. My mom got her box first, then Dad, Nick, and Michelle. I made my mom go first because I knew she would make the best face! I wasn't disappointed. Just as she figured out her "I love Grandma" onesie I snapped this picture:

It was so much fun and chaos ensued as we tried to navigate hugs and congratulations in a small, cruise-ship sized stateroom. The rest of the time on the cruise my dad would make sure that everyone he saw knew he was going to be a grandpa. Of course, we decided to call him "Grumpy" instead of "Grampy" because it suits him in a quirky way.

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