Sunday, April 29, 2007

Am I neurotic?

In two weeks, as part of standard maternity care, my doctor has me scheduled for a glucose challenge test (GCT). Because I hate tests, especially ones that I don't know how to prepare for, I did what any connected woman of my generation does - I went to Google for answers. I found out that the GCT is a 1-hour test of my body's ability to produce insulin. I will be given a syrupy liquid to drink and then a simple blood sugar test 1 hour later. If I "pass," it means I haven't developed gestational diabetes. If I "fail" it means I have to take the longer, 3-hour, glucose tolerance test (GTT). A passing blood sugar level on the GCT is 135 or lower, though some doctors will accept anything below 140.

I found a good article on which gives more detail about the condition and the testing. There is also a message board where people can ask questions or discuss the topic. I spent about 30 minutes last night reading these messages and just wonder if most of these people actually read the article! While I hope that I haven't developed gestational diabetes (GD), I would much rather know and take corrective action than risk harming my unborn child. I was apalled that so many women wanted to know how to "cheat" on their GCT so they wouldn't have to take the longer, more involved, GTT. The GCT is meant to see what your body does with extra sugar on a regular day, not what it does on a day you have fasted or after you have given up all carbs for 3 days before hand; that is what the GTT is for.

As for me being neurotic... I am borrowing my dad's blood glucose monitor for a couple of weeks to test my own blood sugar. I'd rather know now if I have issues so I can begin making more dietary changes than wait for the lab to call me a couple of days after my GCT. I am glad to report that when I tested my blood sugar this morning before eating breakfast, I was below the recommended level for a fasting blood sugar level of 95.

On a completely different note, I found a cool use for YouTube - DIY videos. I spent a good part of my Saturday evening just browsing this category on YouTube. I even learned how to rip a phone book in half, a trick that I am sure will come in handy at the next party I go to. :-)

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