Friday, April 20, 2007

Belly Touching & Baby Fat

I was told that once I get pregnant and started showing, people would want to touch my belly. I actually didn't believe Angela when she told me this, boy was I wrong! Never in my life can I recall having an uncontrollable urge to touch the bulging belly of a pregnant lady. Apparently however, others can. And, they act out on that urge! I had no idea that when I got pregnant other people would suddenly feel that it would be okay to just touch my belly.

Why is that? I really cannot relate to it. Hugs and questions are one thing, but just randomly walking up to someone and touching their belly before you even say hi? Are any of you belly touchers? Would you shed some light on the situation for me? What makes it even worse is that most people actually aren't even touching the place on my belly where the baby is located. They are touching my baby fat. My uterus seems to have pushed up what belly fat I did have so that I probably look more pregnant than I actually am. That also explains why I haven't posted any pictures of myself yet. I will probably post some in the next month or so. There really haven't been any pictures taken of me yet though, so you aren't really missing anything.

I did develop a trick to keep people away from my belly. I just carry a book or folder in front of me, so that if people were to reach for my belly, they would have to physically move the impediment. So far, no one has been that bold.

Fun T-shirt

Oh, and on a completely different note, my future sister-in-law sent me this little

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  1. I know Jennifer references Angela here, but I was actually the first to tell her that random people would try to touch her belly. Before Jennifer and I told anyone she was pregnant, Jennifer bought me a book about being an expectant father. The author wrote about people touching his wife's belly and how she didn't like it. But, he said, women just learn to accept this part of being pregnant. Jennifer, aghast, demanded that she would not fall prey to this faux pas; she alone would fight the good fight and inform the world's touchers to back off.



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