Monday, April 16, 2007

23 Weeks

Well, here it is, the last picture of Baby Sabin before we can hold him or her in our arms:
Is it awful of me to think our baby looks like an alien? You see the large eyes, pointy chin, and wide forehead? I may have to find out a little more about Bruce's past... just teasing! The baby was rather uncooperative during the ultrasound. Baby Sabin was head down, facing my back, with his or her spine in the front. This meant that, even if I had wanted to find out our child's gender, it would not have been possible. The ultrasound technician was unable to get every shot she normally would due to the baby's position. At least we are certain there is only 1 in there.

The baby's heartbeat was about 133 beats per minute which is considered perfectly healthy. For all of you who want to pretend to know something, there is no way to know our baby's gender by the heartbeat. Dr. Spock says so.

Just to keep you interested, here is another photo of our child; it is a picture of the baby's spine.
Baby Sabin has a backbone!

Last night Baby Sabin must have known today was picture day. I could not fall asleep easily because Baby Sabin kept moving. I think it was the most active night on record so far. The only real pregnancy symptom that I have had with any regularity is heartburn. Fortunately, a few Tums can usually take care of it with no trouble.

Feel free to leave a comment, or advice, or words or wisdom for Baby Sabin!


  1. Very Nice! The alien possibility crossed my mind, too, but I think the kid is supposed to look like that. This blog is a good idea. Keep us posted.
    Love, Dad, er, Grumpy

  2. This blog was a neat idea, I've been checking it to see how everything is going. :)

    Hopefully the alien will be less alien like once s/he is actually born. Ha ha.

    Love you,


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