Thursday, September 08, 2011

Our First Official Day of Homeschool

After a successful Box Day (for which I'll post the details later), I was really looking forward to our first official day of homeschool. We even bought and had a friend customize new back packs for each girl.

I thought Charlotte was looking forward to it as well based on her excitement over the summer and when we opened our box of books from Sonlight.

Then, this morning came.

And she fully realized that preschool was going to be at home (aka Not. Real. School). Oh my word. Our first morning of school was not off to an exciting start.

After we were all calmed down, the three of us settled down in our school room (otherwise known as the Dining Room). Our plan is to include Mary as much as possible so that she becomes accustomed to this particular learning environment (more on how she'll be included later).

We started practicing our Bible verse for the week (Proverbs 4:20), read some stories, talked about the seasons and special dates for our family. And we also made Charlotte's first Venn Diagram. The assignment was to discuss ways a tiger and rabbit are different. I decided to let my former English teacher come out and we put all of the information into this chart:

I'm proud that Charlotte came up with all of these similarities and differences herself. And yes, she knows what a carnivore and an herbivore are, even if she sometimes has trouble pronouncing the words.

There was also some time for creativity. I decided against a big crafty project today and they just colored with markers, followed by decorating with scissors.

All ready to create!
Deep thoughts as she ponders what to draw. 
I just couldn't resist sharing this face! 
Hard at work making sure that paper understands what the color red it all about.
At the end of the day, I'd say our homeschooling turned out well despite the initial bad start (the rest of the day was another issue though!). Fortunately, when Bruce asked Charlotte about it after dinner, she seemed to forget all of her despair and only had happy memories to share with him.


  1. I am so excited you have begun homeschooling!!! I really want to know what the circles are and how you went about that activity! We do discuss what we just read and I ask them questions but that is a much more visual way to see what we read in the book. Love it!

  2. I am glad that she remembered the good part of the 1st day! It speaks to how you turned her expierene around...but we knew you were a great teacher :)

    Here's to many more successful days!

  3. Good article...
    homeschooling helped the nation's children...


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