Monday, September 05, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Mary

It's become my tradition to write each of my daughters a letter on their birthday. They may not understand these words and thoughts now, but I hope one day they will appreciate the love I pour out to them in these letters. So, without further ado...

Dear Mary,

I'll probably say this every year for the rest of your life, but time sure flies and I barely had a chance to blink before you turned 2. Life's been pretty busy lately and other than your newfound love of the word "nooo," you are a joy to be around.

You have a way of making people laugh and smile. Sometimes it is your silly "banana dance," and other times it is the way you imitate your big sister.

Speaking of your sister... I can see that you admire and look up to her very much. And she's a good big sister, so I can understand why you want to do and have everything she does. But, you should remember that you are not her clone or her permanent shadow. Don't be afraid to be your own person with your own likes, dislikes, opinions, and hobbies.

You have two favorite words - "no" and "me." Pretty typical toddler stuff, except that you know lots of sign language and keep learning and using more words every week. Some other things you really like right now include baby dolls, play dough, snuggling with Mommy or Daddy, and reading books.

You love your baby dolls so much and care for them very well. They always get tucked in, even if you have to use a dish towel as a blanket. You kiss them good night and sometimes, you even lay down with them to make sure they are happy.

My favorite times are when you ask to sit in my lap after carefully picking out a book. I love reading stories to you and the first one you almost always choose is I Love You Through and Through. Maybe it's because Charlotte bought it as a gift for your first birthday or maybe it's because now you like to act out all the things the toddler in the book does. I think you have the book memorized and sometimes, I even find you off in a corner flipping the pages and imitating the characters all by your self.

As much as I love you and as much as your daddy loves you... it is nothing compared to how much God loves you. He has a plan for your life that, while unknown to us now, will undoubtedly lead to indescribable adventures and certain challenges. But don't worry, he will give you all the resources you need to face them with courage and grace.

For your second birthday Mary, it is my prayer that God will give you a mother worthy of such a special little girl. I pray that he will continue to grow me into a proper example for you of how a Godly woman thinks about the world, treats other people, worships, and brings glory to God.

Our family is better because you are a part of it.

Love and XXOOXX,


  1. Mary is very blessed to have such a great mother.


  2. I love your letters to Mary and Charlotte! Happy Birthday to Mary!


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