Friday, September 09, 2011

Halloween Costumes Already???

How is it that Charlotte is already trying to plan her Halloween costume? It's nearly 7 weeks away and she is already letting me know what she wants to be. And that she wants to make her own costume.

Before I show you her idea, I'll confess that after last year's Charlotte's Web themed costumes for my girls (a pig & a spider) I had intended to carry forward with a literary theme every year.

But this year, Charlotte wants to be a robot. Here is the head she has already started decorating.

She's added a little bit to it each day this week. 

Help me out friends! Can I be the momma that let's her 4 year old design and build her own cardboard robot for Halloween? I just don't know, especially since she's at the age where kids start picking on one another for things like this?

How to I balance encouraging her creativity and individual spirit without subjecting her to the possible ridicule of her peers? Particularly at such a young age?


  1. I say let her go with it. If there is one thing I have learned from having a child that marches to the beat of her own drum it's that she will find other kids who do the same. The last thing you want is for her to start out so young worried about what other kids think. I am sure she will have a blast! If you are really worried about it why not show her how to add foil to her robot. =)

  2. I agree with coupon queen. I find I'M more concerned with whether or not my child will get picked on for such and such and more often than not, I'm WRONG about that.
    My coaching strategy here? I'd encourage the parent (in this case you) to foster the creativity in your child, you can get involved in the creation of her costume, but let her take the lead; she'll ask for ideas and help when and where she needs it. This strengthens the foundation of HER ideas and creation...even if she is taunted about it, the costume was "built on a firm foundation" that was her own.
    The flip-side...we all know kids can and will taunt regardless of the situation and if you're concerned about taunting, that same concern is present if she has a story-book costume or if she has a personal masterpiece costume.
    A good compromise...I KNOW there are stories that are about robots! Find a great picture book to use as a reference, this can help steer the costume design in a way that keeps both of you excited!

    Much love,

  3. I like the idea of finding a book about robots to help her create it. What a great mom you that she even knows she has a creative voice/choice in this. ;) I know another mom {me} whose son doesn't even know choice is an option. hehe

  4. While last year was our first year to go trick or treating (son was 4 1/2, daughter was almost 3) we just used what we had. We aren't into fancy costumes. I say let her spark her creativity because she may decide that after all this work it may not be right for halloween. Go ahead and plan out Mary's costume too. In those weeks she may change her mind. But I agree with above too.....I worry about myself worrying about other kids picking on my kids.

  5. For his first Halloween, my son was a ninja (Sub-Zero) thanks to a costume handed down from his older cousins.

    For his second (last year) he insisted on being a ninja. Why? Dad's a martial artist. He proudly informed people that "Daddy's a power ranger." Daddy made his costume. An older boy made fun of him for having something homemade. My son informed that boy that his (the other boy's) dad wasn't as cool because he (my son) had a special costume daddy made and the other boy just had something from a store.

    This year he's stuck - he wants to be a ninja again. He also wants to be a samurai. But then again, thanks to Treasure Island and Peter Pan, he wants to be a pirate. So daddy has his hands full this year.

    Let her be what she wants! Find a book on robots, then it stays with the literary theme. Making her change or doing it your way will just tell her that she's not doing good enough. If she's brave enough to make things like that on her own, encourage her. Better an original than a copy any day. Kudos to you for having a little girl who wants to be such an original!

  6. I have such great friends and readers! I knew in my gut the right thing to do was to help her pursue this costume... I just needed a nudge and some advice as to how to go about it!

    We have 6 or so weeks left, so I'm sure we can make it awesome by then! And it will always be a great memory for her.

    Thanks everyone for your encouragement and advice!

  7. I don't think at such a young age kids will make fun of her. I think that you have a great group of supportive friends and the types of Halloween events you would take her to will be non threatening. I love that she is creative and I can't wait for you to post the finished costume.


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