Friday, September 30, 2011

Fashion Friday

I did a little better this week at trying to appear "put together." It will never happen 7 days a week since I stay in at least 2 and some days are morning rush out the door doesn't allow time for anything other than throwing on my mommy uniform.

Playdate Chic
Shirt: Old Navy, old; Cardigan: No Idea;  Shorts: Lane Bryant clearance; Belt: Wal-Mart, $4; Bracelet: Accessory swap; Necklace: Fancy Flea, $3
 Sweet Sunday Chic
Top: Kohl's, someone else paid for it; Earrings:  Premiere; Necklace: Sterling Grace; Hair Flower: 31
Purple Power Chic
Dress: Wal-mart, $12; Leggings: Target, old; Belt: Thrifted, $0.70
The next four weeks of fashion are going to be entirely different! I am participating in the October Dress Project and will be styling the same dress for 31 days! But I'm not the only crazy one! There are 18 other women in Lakeland doing the same thing.

Last night we participated in a photo shoot with Nate Mundell Photography. Here is the shot of me and my dress, with several of the women who were able to meet up with us at Munn Park in downtown Lakeland.

I love that other women choose this color too!
I'll be posting more about why I'm participating in this project again (yes, I did it in 2010 too!) later, but for now, you can read some excellent posts from Karissa and Cathy and Ida and Shawna about their journey to choosing to wear the same dress for 31 days straight!


  1. You look great. I want to steal your WalMart dress though ;)

  2. I saw the striped dress on clearance the other day. You could get it for about $7-8 now.


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