Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Mary Was Well Celebrated

Mary had a special day on Monday as the whole family gathered to celebrate her 2nd birthday. We do low key birthdays around here, but we all have a good time just spending time with one another.

First, our day started with some pool time. Mary really isn't too crazy about being in the pool, but she finally warmed up after spending some time playing with John (her cousin's grandpa).

Charlotte is also getting more brave in the water.

And I couldn't resist showing off the beautiful sky we all played under.

Michelle helped me make Mary's birthday "cake." It was inspired by an idea in Hello, Cupcake. Then adapted for Mary's favorite colors and what was available to me at the drug and craft store.

A closeup. :)

Mary did an excellent job of blowing out the candles and she didn't even need the help Daddy was ready and willing to provide over her shoulder.

Enjoying her pirouette "candle." 

She was so excited to get presents that she gave the first one a snuggle.

It was a magnifying glass from Charlotte that Mary will really enjoy.

Here Mary is showing off the front of the package where Charlotte wrote both of their names.

Pretending to be the princess she is...

And now putting her own twist on being a princess!

Cousin Rebekah is always fun to play with, even it they both sometimes want the same toy.

And here, I imagine that Mary is asking when her next birthday is because she wants more presents!


  1. Completely adorable! I especially love the princess with a twist shot!

  2. I love those pics of Mary being a princess! Too cute!


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