Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mary Loves Her "Friends"

It is so fun to me to watch how my children's personality and interests develop over time. In fact, it might be one of my favorite aspects of being a parent. It's a good reminder to me that that God makes all of us different, and that is a good thing. Recently, Mary has been certain to let us know about her personality and interests.

Her favorite activity right now is playing with her "friends." This is how we refer to the myriad of dolls and stuffed animals that live in our "friend box" downstairs. Mary is incredibly caring towards them and loves to put them to bed. She lays them gently on a pillow and then searches for a blanket to cover them. Sometimes though, she puts so many of her "friends" to bed that we don't have enough blankets for all of them.


The Twins

Not enough blankets for everyone, but no one is alone.

And a laundry hamper makes a nice soft spot to rest.

If Mary can't find a blanket, she use a dried out wipe instead.

Notice how Daddy has a blanket and so does the baby doll on top of him.

And she doesn't make her friends share blankets. Not even the one that is 6' long. Ideally, they all get their own. This is also representative of her current stage in life. Sharing is not high on her list.

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