Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Weight Loss Motivation

This is turning into weight loss week... hope you don't mind. Here are some pictures of what I looked like in 2006, shortly before I became pregnant with Charlotte. I am posting them to remind me of my prior success. Weight Watchers has a fancy name for this, Recall, or something. They teach that in order to stay the course, we should remind ourselves of when we've been successful in the past. This will motivate us.

I just have to add that the outfit in the second picture came from Ann Taylor. That really is my style and my whole wardrobe would come from Ann Taylor if a) my budget allowed it and b) my body could wear her clothes.

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  1. you look fabulous in that picture!! I am struggling! I gained almost three pounds this week because I as stress eating and not tracking. ugh :(

  2. You look great.. I so need to lose weight. Still on that track.
    Love the motorcycle outfit.

  3. We had fun shopping for that outfit :) Here's to the days of getting to shop there again!


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