Monday, June 14, 2010

Do Follow Mommy Blogs

Recently, I decided to turn my blog into a Do Follow blog. I thought it would be a nice gesture towards those who faithfully comment. Now, I'd like to extend that favor to the rest of mommy blogdom. So, if you are a mom who blogs and has removed the no-follow tags from your blog, please leave a comment below so I can add you to my master Do Follow Mommy Blog List.

If you want to help spread the do follow love, please consider adding a link to this list on your own blog.

It will look like this -
Do Follow List


  1. I'm a son whose blog is nofollow. Warm regards!

  2. @MP3 - I've had very few spammy type comments. I can delete them fairly quickly, and have done quite a bit of it. It hasn't been terribly time consuming, but that may be due to my niche.

  3. I'm a Do Follower. I can say at this point I still haven't had a problem with spam. Fingers crossed! I would appreciate being added to the list though. :)

  4. I wanted to do the do follow thing to, but my comment system wont let me. I hear they are working on it for the next update. If I get things working I will definitely add it to your list! And If i find others ;)

    Mommy D


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