Saturday, June 12, 2010

2010 - It's Been Four Years

Nearly four and a half years ago, I experienced the most successful weight loss of my adult life - nearly 60 pounds while a member of Weight Watchers.

Now, I find myself 7 pounds heavier than I was at the beginning of that journey with two little girls who have a lot to learn from me. I want to have more energy for chasing them around the play ground. I want them to learn to love their fruits and veggies. I want my husband to think he has the hottest wife in the room.

I can do or be all of these things. This year, 2010, God has been working on me and my relationship to food. He has put some amazing women back in my path (Kelly and Babs, I'm talking about you!) to show me what is really happening in the love triangle between the plate, my mouth, and my heart.

I know that food is meant to nourish my body, not my soul. That is God's job.

With God leading the way (most days), I am once again following the Weight Watchers program (I've lost 6.6 pounds so far) and have taken up walking and jogging again. My plan is to run the Disney Princess Marathon in February of 2011.

I'll be running as an heir to the throne. A real princess, no matter what I weigh. Will you join me?


  1. I KNOW you can do this my friend...thank goodness you have supportive people around you!!!!

  2. Keep it up. Good luck! I need to lose some weight but I'm not a runner.


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