Friday, June 11, 2010

2007 - 2009, or How I Gained More Weight

I loved Charlotte. I wanted to set a good example for her. But really, can an infant really understand what the Little Debbie wrappers represent? Nah! I thought to myself, I'll wait until she is a little older than I'll buckle down and get my weight under control.

And I did, sorta. When we moved to Lakeland I re-joined Weight Watchers and also purchased a gym membership. I made a friend to go with me. I even took four personal training sessions. But I just couldn't make it stick. I made marginal progress and eventually convinced Bruce it was time to try for another baby. My minor weight loss success was enough to convince him I meant business.

I did mean business. I really wanted to be healthier. My second pregnancy was going to be more natural and a midwife was involved. I managed to keep my weight gain at a healthy level, though it was on the high side of the scale this time.

Once Mary was born in the fall of 2009, I repeated the same cycle of sleeplessness. There was no nursing this time though, just lots and lots and lots of pumping. And even less sleep than before. Say hello to my old friend Cortisol! I did not buy the Pop Tarts this time. I knew they were like the poisoned apple and I wouldn't be able to stop. But I did find other things to eat.

And my weight ballooned. To be continued...

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  1. Just wanted to say I've been relating to this series! I got down to my pre-pregnancy weight after Esme, but I've been struggling since we got back to the US - I'll head downhill for a few weeks and then I'm back going upwards again. And I really do want to set a healthy example for my daughter...


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