Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mommy Necklaces Giveaways

I ordered a "Mommy Necklace" a while back in anticipation of Babin's arrival. I've already worn it a few times and got a compliment each time. Now, I want more. Fortunately, I found out today that there are a few websites giving away a necklace of my choice, so of course I am entering. And writing this blog post to get extra entries. i hope you won't mind indulging me... heck, you may want to enter for yourself or a friend too!

The next two on my wish list are Sea Sand and Silver Ice. I already have a Rainstorm and Snazzy.

Here are two blogs where you can enter to win your own necklace:
This Mom Can Shop - ends Sept. 15
Paisley and Pretties - ends Sept. 3

Good luck! (Oh, and if you don't need one of these necklaces, you could always enter and then give it to me.) :)

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  1. OK, I'm sold. I have to have one of these - what a GREAT idea! (Since I don't actually need one, I'll send all my good luck to you.)


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