Sunday, August 23, 2009

39 Weeks Pregnant

I'm happy to report that my tricks for reducing leg cramps and my restless legs symptoms are working. The extra milk and iron make big difference. I just don't take them at the same time since calcium affects the iron absorbtion. Thanks for all the concerned comments and emails.

We are now in the home stretch of this pregnancy and I wake up each morning wondering if this is the day we will get to introduce the world to Babin. It is an exciting time, but as a friend reminded me this morning... it is a lot easier to care for a baby in the womb than outside of the womb!

Like my old friend Stephanie, I've been wondering how I compare in this pregnancy to my first one. But, it seems I have not take enough pregnancy pictures this time around to do that sort of comparison justice.

Here is a picture of my belly as of tonight. If this time around is anything like last time and Babin comes 5 days early, then we should have her in our arms by Thursday or Friday afternoon! But if she isn't ready, that is okay. I am prepared to wait as long as she wants.


  1. I can't wait to meet her! And Charlotte will be thrilled to have her very own baby at home...I hear "rock a baby tree top" in my head all the time and there isn't a sweeter sound.
    I'm answering my cell phone and ready to be there for Charlotte as soon as you need me :)

    Love you Ladybug!

  2. Looking great at this stage of the game! Hope the baby comes sooner rather than later! I personally cried when I realized Esme wasn't coming as soon as expected; now in retrospect it just seems funny.

  3. Super exciting! I hope she also doesn't make you wait too long. The wait can be tough. Elizabeth came ON her due date, but Anna was 6 days late. But you have the right attitude... EVERYTHING will be easier if you let them come when they are ready! Don't listen to the "the baby is getting too big" argument.

    You look great friend - big hugs!!

  4. You look great! I know you guys must be so excited!

  5. Oh you are beautiful! I must have missed the naming of the did I miss that?

    Praying you sweet friend.


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