Saturday, August 08, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Charlotte

My dear Charlotte,

I put you to bed a few hours ago, and sure did give me a fight tonight. After all the festivities of the day, you were so excited to finally be sleeping in your new big girl bed, that you couldn't settle down to sleep. It took your Daddy and I more than an hour and a half to help you wind down and actually lay down to sleep in your new bed. I know it was a big change tonight, but you are getting older and need to set a good example for your baby sister.

As I decorated for your party today by hanging various pieces of art you've completed over the past year, and photos of you from the last two years, I couldn't help but marvel at how much you have grown. Your hair is so long now! And a year ago, you were barely speaking, now you can say almost 200 different words, and most of the time people around us can figure out what you are saying.

When we read books together, you are starting to finish the sentences on each page. You love to sing "Rock-a-bye-baby" with me, even if you insist on calling it "Rock-a-baby-tree-top" each night. Now, you are starting to sing to your dolls too. We've rediscovered your glo-worm and now he must accompany you to bed each night.

Your favorite TV show is currently Super-Why on PBS kids. You try to sing the alphabet song with Super Pig and fly around the living room shouting, "Super Why!" It is so much fun to see you add a new letter to the alphabet song every few days as you try to figure out what all those letters mean.

For some reason, you continue to be fascinated with the number 2. This is especially good because now you are 2 years old. You like to have 2 of everything, especially if it is something you get to hold. Knowing this makes it easy to please you.

We still get compliments all the time on how smart you are and how well behaved you are. I'd like to think it is because you have super-duper perfect parents, but you don't, so I'll thank God for how He has uniquely made you. Each day with you is a blessing for your Dad and I.

I said it last year and am afraid I can't say it any better, so I'll just quote myself,
Sweet Charlotte, you are only on loan to me from God, for however long he sees fit to let me have you. While I selfishly pray it is for a very, very long time, I also promise to always support you in following the unique path God has created just for you, wherever it leads.

You see, as much as I love you and as much as your daddy loves you... it is nothing compared to how much God loves you. He has a plan for your life that, while unknown to us now, will undoubtedly lead to indescribable adventures and certain challenges. But don't worry, he will give you all the resources you need to face them with courage and grace.

For your first second birthday Charlotte, it is my prayer that God will give you a mother worthy of such a special little girl. I pray that he will continue to grow me into a proper example for you of how a Godly woman thinks about the world, treats other people, worships, and brings glory to God.
 I love you Charlotte Moon and am looking forward to the adventure that you being 2 brings!

Love, Mommy


  1. What a sweet sweet letter to a beautiful "big" girl...

  2. Coral's favorite show is Super Wy... actually it's the only one she is allowed to watch.

    Happy Birthday Charlotte


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