Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Baking

I've had so much fun the last few months baking and am glad that I could share my creations to you. Fortunately, no matter how they turn out, they will never show up on Cake Wrecks, I'm obviously an amateur (see above links if you think I'm kidding).

For a Thanksgiving playdate, I made turkey cupcakes with Dove chocolates and candy corn. It was really simple and required no real skill at all. Even if they aren't the most realistic looking cupcakes, I can proudly say that I thought this idea up all by myself while staring at my choices in the candy aisle.

Then, my sister-in-law, Michelle, wanted to take some corn cupcakes (from Hello, Cupcake) to school for her faculty party. I was more than happy to oblige and here are the results. They didn't turn out as good as the originals because I cut the jelly beans in half, thinking that would make them go further and we didn't have any black sugar to stand in for pepper. But I think they still look like corn, don't you. The piece of Starburst butter on the top seals the deal for me.
I've decided my philosophy on cake (up cupcake) decorating is that I don't need to be the best, just better than the people around me. :)

If you want to see some really cool cakes... check out my friend Sherry's CakeLady website. She made the cake for my 13th birthday party! (I'll have to dig up a picture to scan for you!)


  1. The corn cupcakes are cute!

    The butter does look real!

  2. I like that philosophy...not the best, just better than those around me :) I agree!

  3. Both are adorable! I love your idea on the turkey. Much cuter than the turkey cookies we made in my Sunday School class yesterday.

  4. These look sweet! I love your philosophy... I'd love to take a cake decorating class, but these candy ideas of yours are probably yummier than any frosting concoction...


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