Thursday, November 20, 2008

Guest Review: Creation Science Novel?

As part of my continuing series of guest reviews for homeschooling materials, Tess is discussing a novel written by a home-schooled teenager.

Missing Link: Found by Felice and Christine Gerwitz has been the latest review endeavor my family has been involved in. This is one book in a series of books called “The Truth Seekers Mystery Series.” Believe it or not, this series has been written by a home schooled girl. She completed it by time she was 17. The topic of the series is Creation Science. I am truly amazed at the story that a young girl was able to create. I began reading Missing Link: Found and was immediately captivated because the setting is in Florida and involved fishing and places I have been to. Beyond those aspects I wasn’t very interested. Personally, I found it a little difficult to read. I don’t think it was for any reason other than I just wasn’t interested in the topic of Creation Science for a leisurely read. I do think though that the debating that goes on between the characters over finding the “missing link” is excellent for when studying Christian Science and teaching our children how to give valid arguments when faced with taking a stand for what they believe. I tried to get my 12 year old son involved but at the time he wasn’t interested. So, my next plea for help was directed toward my husband. He was more than willing to help out. He LOVED the book. That just goes to show you how my reasons for not being interested in the story were just …..personal. He has found it a very easy read and interesting too. I am sure that my son will pick it up before too long.

Until next time, Tess

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