Friday, November 14, 2008

Holiday Handouts Nov 17-21

Next week I am doing something extra special on Family Musings. I have a giveaway scheduled every day of the week! Yep, that's right... come back every day between Monday, November 17 and Friday, November 21, and you will find a new giveaway to enter. I have things for your children and for you.

If you'd like to share my button with your readers, I'll give you an extra entry into every day's giveaway. That's right, EVERY DAY!

Just leave a comment on this post, with your blog link, letting me know you've Holiday Handouts button to either your sidebar or in a separate blog post.

To share the button just highlight the code in the box below and copy to your blog.

<a href=""><img src="" />

Thanks for sharing! I can't wait for you to come back next week and see what I am giving away!

Monday's Giveaway - The Secret Mountain Books
Tuesday's Giveaway - Norton PC Tune Up
Wednesday's Giveaway - Bella Sara Trading Cards
Thursday's Giveaway - Home is Calling Pilsbury Gift Pack
Friday's Giveaway - Mystery Holiday Gift Basket


  1. I just found your blog, but have the button up now! :D off to check out the rest of your giveaways!

  2. I love the artwork of you and your family on your site! Thanks for the chance to win...

  3. Jennifer,
    Cannot seem to get the html for the "tag" to copy onto my blog, on blogspot. Any ideas? Am trying. Am not a programmer. ;o)
    Love to you, in The Lord!
    Kathy A. in TN

  4. Jennifer, My husband showed me how to go to your actual image on your site, and right click, then click on properties. Then, when you see the "image properties location," you carefully copy it from left to right, until you have it all highlighted, and then you "copy" it. Then you go to your html, and replace what "was" there, with what this correct "image location" is. We replaced it, within the html ... "tag" you had within your "box" that we ladies are supposed to "copy" and paste onto our blogs.
    Anyway, it did copy correctly and "fixed" the problem. Your "tag" html did not match the actual "image location" we got from your site. But now it does show correctly on my blog, as a post for today, at:
    There was also one more thing that he told me how to change; then that part was fixed. If you email me, I could copy what mine looks like, in html, so you could copy it and use it ... to put into your "tag box."

    If this explanation of how it's done still does not make sense, then just email me at: and I will be glad to walk you through what we did (if you like).
    Otherwise, you are just switching your "html" within your "box" (for the tag), and that should fix it, for the rest of those who want to enter the giveaway. ok?
    God bless you!
    Kathy Aprile
    in east TN


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