Thursday, December 06, 2007

Zombie Arm

Charlotte has developed a new syndrome. I am calling it Zombie Arm. She leaves her arm out for very long periods of time, reaching for unseen objects. Unseen by me and Dr. Dad at least.
This afternoon we went for a 2-mile walk and I wore her in the Baby Bjorn. Most of that time she was holding her right arm out, as seen in the picture below, which I took with my camera phone as we walked. Who knows what she is reaching for!

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  1. Don't you ever stick your arm out of the car window, just to feel the breeze, when driving? Charlotte is doing the same thing. She's on a ride with her mom and enjoying the breeze.

    By the way, I want the rest of the world to know it was completely Jennifer's idea to start calling me Dr. Dad. I still feel weird when adults call me Dr. Sabin; now I have to get used to Dr. Dad?

    Hey, maybe I'll get a TV show out of it, like Major Dad.


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