Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thanksgiving & Relatives

You are probably wondering why my post is titled 'Thanksgiving.' Well, you see, things got a little busy and either Charlotte or I have been sick for the last couple of weeks so I only realized last night that I never posted any Thanksgiving pictures.

We spent the weekend at my brothers who, as I did mention here, hosted a wonderful dinner with his wife Michelle.

[pause to go search for Thanksgiving pictures]

Umm... I don't have any! How is it possible that I didn't take any pictures all weekend? I have no idea. If I had taken them, they would be on my laptop, but there aren't any. Oh my... I've got baby brain bad!

Oh well... I guess I'll just share some pictures from last weekend. Charlotte and I went with my mom to St. Petersburg to visit her family. Charlotte had not had a chance to meet her Great-Grandfather or her Aunt Terry and the stars finally aligned to make it possible.
Here is Great-Grandpa holding Charlotte like an old pro. She is the first great-grandbaby in the family (both sides I think). We spent some time at his house (which my mom grew up in) oohhing and aahhing over the many renovations that have taken place since we last visited. From there we went to see his wife Kathy at work. (I call her Grandma Kathy, but I don't think she likes the 'grandma' part so much coming from a 30-year old). She married my grandpa (who I used to call pop-pop, don't ask, I don't know!) just a little over a month after I was born.

We also got to spend some time with my Aunt Terry. Some Christ-mas presents were exchanged then we went to lunch together. Here is Charlotte with her Great-Aunt Terry. Terry had a brain injury from a lack of oxygen shortly after she was born resulting in some mental issues. She hadn't been part of the family life for several years (I don't remember her from my growing up years). Then, recently, she has been coming back into our lives and is a joy to talk to. Charlotte is cranky in this picture because she was ready to nurse.

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